Bringin Her Home

07/07/07 - Leaving ABQ With An Empty Trailer
Headed Towards San Jose, Via Vegas BABY!

  One Of Our Many Stops For Fuel

What's New - Hood Up On The Yukon
Popped An A/C Hose South Of Las Vegas
Luckily It Was Only 112 Degrees Out

There It Is - My New Race Car!
Parked Outside The Shop In San Jose

Let's See Whats In The Garage
There's A BMW 2002, A Spec Miata, And
A Mazda 3 Waiting For A Transplant

That's Me On The Right - Do I Look Happy Or What!
And Aashish On The Left. Rumor Has It That He
Bought A Classic Mini The Very Next Day

Loading Her Up With A Boat Load Of Spare Parts
BTW...That's 49 Year Old Plumbers Crack There

Last Stop On The Way Home
Willaims, Arizona